What is a Federal Grant?

Over $300 billion dollars a year in grants are issued each year. It’s free money from the Government BUT not easy to get!

Types of Federal Grants

• Competitive Funding: Also known as discretionary funding where the funding is based on the merits of the application and recipients are not pre-determined. The proposal selection is based on the evaluation of a reviewer team.

• Formula Funding: This funding is provided to predetermined recipients. Noncompetitive and allocated to eligible entries according to population and/or census criteria. All applicants who meet the minimum requirements are entitled to receive money.

• Continuation Funding: Offers current award recipients the option of renewing grants the following year. Often extra points are awarded to current/renewing grantees, if you are a new applicant you could consider entering into a partnership with a current entity.

• Pass-Through Funding: Grants given by the federal government to the states for further distribution to local governments. States may disburse funds through formula allocations or open competition.

How to obtain a Grant?

Step 1: Locate a Grant that will work for your organization. Look at what you need to purchase and narrow down the available options by type.

Step 2: Organize and write the Grant per the requirements to qualify for consideration.

Seems easy enough, but taking into account all of the unforeseen twists and turns related to Grants, perhaps Grant Finding, Writing and Assistance is one of the areas where outsourcing this task can be more beneficial than trying to complete it internally. And fortunately, there are companies whose area of expertise are obtaining Grant Funding!

Grant Assistance, Grant Finding and Grant Writing

Since most law enforcement departments do not have the resources on staff to be able to commit the time or expertise to navigate thru the Grant Programs process, Tuffbooks4less has put together resources to help point you in the right direction and get started with your funding.

Call us today and we would be happy to provide a list of resources and our contacts at the grant writing locations that can be of direct assistance to you.

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