5 Things Your Software Can’t Protect Your Laptop From

It’s tax season, which means identity theft and tax-related scams are on the rise. The good news is that regular updates to the right software can protect your laptop from hackers and scammers that want your information.

But software can’t protect your laptop from everything, and identity theft is only one problem you need to worry about. Here are five things your software can’t protect your laptop from:

Dirt and debris. Contractors regularly use toughbooks while they’re out on the job site not because they like a thick laptop but because they’re less likely to be damaged by flying debris blocked by rubber covered I/O ports and from dirt getting in between the keys shielded by sealed and spill proof keyboards as well as screen protected by a full magnesium alloy chassis.

Drops and flops. If you own a smartphone, you know how easy it is to damage your phone with a slip of your fingers. The last thing you want to do is mishandle your laptop and send it flying onto the pavement, dirt, and rocks where the screen can shatter. You need a rugged laptop that is built and certified to military’s 810G’s standard offering drop-shock protection from 3’-6’ fall to keep your data safe.

Physical theft. Your software can protect your information from hackers, but it can’t protect your laptop from real life bumps and nudges. A ruggedized laptop can by shielding your valuable data in a sealed magnesium alloy chassis against breaking, spills and other harmful outdoor elements.

Extreme temperature. Working on the job requires safety in a variety of conditions. Those conditions can vary in temperature from extreme cold to extreme hot. Your average laptop can’t withstand those temperatures. A toughbook, on the other hand, can withstand those temperatures so you can work no matter in what temperature or weather.

Spills. Spilling water, coffee, or any other liquid on your laptop is a nightmare waiting to happen. One accident can lose all the information you have on your computer. The good news is a fully rugged Panasonic ToughbookGetac or Durabook laptop are designed to withstand spills by placing an emissive backlit keyboard on their laptops from accidentally knocking over your water, hot coffee or sticky soda penetrating inside your unit frying your sensitive components.

The loss of a single laptop can cost the average business up to $47,000. That includes the cost of the laptop, downtime, support, and management time. Keeping your software up to date can help protect your laptop from hackers and scammers and a fully rugged Panasonic Toughbook can reduce your risk of losing your laptop to the elements while you’re on the job.

Where can I find fully rugged Panasonic Toughbook, Getac, and Durabook laptops and tablets for my business?

Tuffbooks 4 Less offers reliable laptop computers with rugged performance so you can do your job without worrying about your downtime and productivity. To learn more about our new and reconditioned Panasonic Tuffbooks and other durable laptops, contact Tuffbooks 4 Less today.

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