3 Things You Want When You Work In A Rough Environment

When it comes to working outdoors or in harsh environments, the things you bring with you can easily get in the way or get damaged. That said,we have a few recommendations on what to take with you that won’t get damaged and can withstand the most extreme environments. Here are three products you want on your person when you head out for the work day in a rough environment:

1. A rugged mobile device. Laptops and tablets like cell phones can be easily dropped and damaged. This can be a big problem when most of your data is on a single computer. So why not protect your stored data like we protect our information and identities? Rugged laptops, tablets and devices sole purpose is to protect your information. Even if the shell of the device gets damaged – its job is to protect what’s inside. The full magnesium alloy case, port covers, spill proof keyboard, and built in heaters are designed to withstand anything you can throw at them while keeping your data safe are a better investment not just because they’re reliable but also because they’re less likely to get broken while you’re working.

2. An anti-glare screen protector. A strong point and feature of some rugged laptops and tablets is the high bright and sunlight readable display measured in nits the lumination rating ranging from 700 to 1400. This feature allows users to view text and graphics in a vivid and clear manner under a bright daylight condition.

3. Rubber Caps for I/O ports. Another noticeable and helpful feature of rugged laptops is rubber port covers sealing its ports to block dirt and harmful debris from reaching the internal components like the motherboard causing serious damage to the unit.

Investing in ruggedized portable devices improves productivity in the field and shortens the downtime saving companies thousands of dollars in repairs. Tuffbooks4Less offers rugged laptop, tablet and handheld computers to suit for every budget and need whether you’re working in manufacturing, public safety, or the military. To learn more about our reliable and weatherproof devices with drop shock protection, contact Tuffbooks4Less today.

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