Toughbook CF-31 – End of Sale Date Announced

Panasonic recently announced the end of sales (EOS) for the fully rugged Toughbook CF-31. The final date of sale is April 17, 2020. Units will continue to be available while supplies last.

The Toughbook CF-31 is replaced by the 2:1 Toughbook CF-33 and has numerous benefits when compared to the CF-31.

1. The CF-33 is the first fully rugged 2:1 detachable mobile computer which delivers rugged mobility and versatility. Many first responders and military applications prefer the 2:1 options to provide easily removable tablet to use outside vehicles, and a fully-functional keyboard inside vehicles.

2. 12” screen size with a 3:2 viewing ratio. Compared to the CF-31 that has a 4:3 ratio (square), this makes the CF-33 appear larger.

If you’re looking for other fully rugged options from Panasonic, the CF-20 is a smaller fully-rugged, 2:1 detachable mobile computer that is comparable.

Not ready to give up your CF-31 or move to a 2:1 option? No worries! will continue to sell high quality refurbished CF-31 notebooks, as well as parts for the CF-31.

We also offer comparable units in other brands, like the Getac B300.

Call your sales representative for your quote or to find out more.

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