Laptop or Desktop: Which Should I Choose for My Business?

Choosing a computer for work can be a challenge. After all, you need a reliable computer that can handle a heavy workload. It not only needs speed, but it also needs the strength to keep up with the many difficulties and unexpected events in your job.If you’re struggling to decide between a laptop or desktop, here are some tips to make your choice a little easier.


Desktop computers are a great option if you’re working in an office environment with little to no movement. Many desktops are also equipped with great fans that can keep the device cooler during periods of long use. One of the primary benefits of a desktop is that you can connect it to a monitor of virtually any size; however, your laptop can offer you multiple screens should you need them. As such, you should think of this option as your “home base” computer on which you store files or use as a backup.


The first laptop developed in the 1970s was one-fifth the weight of any other computer offered at the time. Nowadays, some laptops are even lighter. Even if you’re looking for a rugged laptop, there are still thin and lightweight  Toughbooks and Toughpads to be used in just about every industry.

A single drop to a traditional laptop, and it might spell disaster for your computer. Fortunately, a Toughbook laptop is able to handle any environment, whether you’re working on a dusty construction site or in the mountains at obscenely high altitudes. This sets it apart from the rest, even the durability of a desktop. Toughbooks are especially beneficial if your job keeps you on your feet all day or demands that you travel to different locations. The portability, durability, and reliability simply cannot be beaten.Not only rugged notebooks and rugged tablets ike Toughbooks have drop shock protection, but these durable rugged laptops still weigh a fraction of the heft of your desktop. With no bulky computer to drag around. You can use the fully rugged laptops from Panasonic, Getac and Durabook whether you are in the office or on the road to connect to internet and surf the web or check emails. Panasonic offers both fully rugged and semi rugged models such as the Toughbook CF 31CF 20 and the latest arrival CF 33 on the fully rugged side and the Toughbook CF-54CF-53 and CF-52 in the semi rugged category while Getac offers B300X500 and the V110 in the fully rugged class and the S410 in the semi rugged suited for every budget and application. Should your choice to be a lighter and a more compact design there is a tablet form factor from Panasonic such as Toughpad FZ-G1FZ-M1 and the newest FZ-N1 or Getac F110, T800, ZX70, RX10, RX10H and the newest arrivals like K120A140, EX80 and MX50.

Other than these few benefits, laptops often overshadow the common desktop. Both laptops and desktops have equal value when it comes to connecting to the internet. After all, both are equipped with Ethernet connectivity and laptops can utilize a wireless connection from just about anywhere. At the end of the day, the only perk is that a desktop is a little cheaper when compared with a similar laptop in regard to function and reliability. If you’re looking for a reliable computer that can handle drops and spills, contact today.

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